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Hello readers :) 
I'm Nurylia Syafiqah Zulhizar . For short just call me Iylia . Fiffy ? That's my spoiled name . Only my friends can called me like that . Sweet fourteen on 2013 . No PMR , just PBS . What is PBS ? Pentaksiran Berasaskan Sekolah The examination will starting now on . Ommygoshhh ! I'm still playing around here . Sorry for the broken grammar , I'm tryin to improve myself . So , please respect .This is my own blogger , i will keep remain this as my unprivate diary . It's open minded okay ? Stalker are allowed , but trying to mess up with me ? Just forget it . Cause I can be your Angle and I also can be your Devil Oh yeahh , my BLOG my RULES . You dont like it ? Just leave it . Thanks . :) you have no right to judge me .


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